Counselling by Sarah

Online Therapy

For online therapy we can use Skype, Zoom or facetime the preference is yours.

If you need to download Skype™ then here is a link to all you need to know to get started using it

I can happily feedback that in 2020 my clients have found my online therapy to be a lifeline during the covid-19 pandemic! The benefits of being able to access therapy from home are now obvious to everyone, it keeps you safe & is a very easy & a beneficial way to access therapy. 

  • Some find it more convenient; in terms of no travelling.
  • Some feel more comfortable talking from the comfort of their home when distressed
  • Skype therapy is ideal if away from home or travelling abroad.
  • Some people prefer to work with a therapist who is not local to them.
  • Skype therapy enables clients either in poor health or those caring for others at home to access the therapy they need.

ONLINE THERAPY SESSIONS COST £50 per session hour.

Payment is required in advance of your session. When choosing your time slot for your Skype Therapy session, please ensure you have a private, quiet room where you can talk confidentially.